What People do with Books

Books aren’t just things we read...

They can be hiding places or escape routes. They can persuade or seduce. Artists make sculptures out of them, readers fall in love with them, and friends share them. One twentieth century sculptor, John Latham, famously ate a book in public, as an act of criticism.

We held a workshop at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University with pupils from Kineton High Comprehensive School to think about what we could do with books. Inspired by Georgiana Verney, the book sculptures of Brian Dettmer and Lemn Sissay’s Ceramic Fountain, we thought about breaking rules to say new things with books. Together, the pupils and undergraduates created a number of pieces of book art, including a book of Examination Regulations being attacked by the dagger from the cover of Macbeth, and a folded response to Read Better, Read Faster.

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