Georgiana Verney

Georgiana Lady Willoughby De Broke, Wife of 17th Baron (water colour drawing)

Georgiana and Reading

As historians Peter and Gill Ashley-Smith have shown, reading and learning mattered greatly to Georgiana. The same year she was widowed, Georgiana founded a school on the Warwick Road in Kineton, – the building now known as Roxburgh House. A newspaper report of the time notes that

“through the munificence of Lady Willoughby de Broke a handsome building has been erected at the entrance to the town, part of which when completed will be used by the Kineton Literary Society as a library and reading room, and occasionally for lectures and concerts, the other part being intended as a school for the middle classes, which will, when completed, be of great advantage to the town and neighbourhood.”’

Georgiana also focused on adult education, supporting teachers, sponsoring lectures in Working Men’s Clubs, founding a temperance tavern, and encouraging musical and literary events in the community.

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