Was this really a Women’s Library?

Georgiana Lady Willoughby De Broke, Wife of 17th Baron (water colour drawing)

Georgiana Verney

Lady Willoughby de Broke (1824-1889)

Georgiana was only twenty-eight when she became Mistress of Compton Verney.

Four years later, she was suddenly widowed. With seven children, a large estate, and many tenants, she could have retired to her sofa, but instead, she rose to the challenge. Brought up in a military family, Georgiana was in some ways an accidental aristocrat – and she never took her privilege for granted.

As the imitation books in doorway suggest, Georgiana was interested in women’s rights. Independent, public spirited and inherently kind, she championed numerous good causes, and was known as a woman with ‘an open heart and hand’.

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